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Deep learning-based cell segmentation algorithm development

Dept. of Psychaitry, UNC Chapel Hill

Guorong Wu, PhD

Junbo Ma, Md Turja, SK Park

Tissue clearing and light sheet imaging/ Manual cell segmentation

Dept. of Genetics & Neuroscience Center, UNC Chapel Hill

Jason L. Stein, PhD

Oleh Krupa, Carolyn McCormick, Rose Glass, Felix Kyere, Jordan Valone, Suh Lee, Alvaro Beltran, Jade Hardwick

​Implementation / Manual cell segmentation


David Borland, PhD

Citizen science platform

Dept. of Computer Science, UNC Greensboro

Minjeong Kim, PhD

We are supported by R01NS110791 (Wu), R00MH102357 (Stein), R01MH118349 (Stein/Love), R01MH120125 (Stein), R01MH121433 (Stein), NSF EAGER (Stein), Brain Research Foundation (Stein), Simons Foundation SPARK (Won/Stein),

Supplement to R01 HD055741 (Piven), NIH U54 EB020403 (Thompson), Foundation of Hope (Wu, Hazlett, Piven).

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